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What area does the service cover? 

All cities within Fulton County, KY, as well as city and county portions of South Fulton, TN.

Who can participate in the membership program? 

Anyone is eligible to participate. Memberships are available to cover residential households, churches, and places of employment. For membership types and pricing, click here.

I have insurance, do I still need to become a member? 

Yes, you should still become a member even if you have insurance. Most medical plans will not cover all costs associated with emergency medical services and ambulance transports, including Medicare and Medicaid. Nonmembers are responsible for any amount left after insurance, including deductibles which can result in high out-of-pocket costs for patients. Being a member allows you to prepare for those unexpected emergencies. 

I do not live in the service area, but I work here. Should I purchase a membership? 

Check with your place of employment first. If they are a member of the service, then you are covered should an emergency accident at your workplace. You are NOT covered should an emergency occur while you are off duty and away from the job site. If you travel to and visit the KenTenn service area often, it is wise to have your own membership! 

Is everyone in my household covered under one residential membership? 

Yes, all permanent members of the household are covered, such as spouses or children. Other adults may be required to provide proof of residency. 

As a member, am I covered away from my residence? 

Yes, your membership covers you anywhere in the KenTenn service area. 

Where do I pay my membership fees? 

Memberships can be paid on your water/gas bill if you are serviced by City Hall. Checks made payable to KenTenn EMS should be mailed to 105 Nolan Ave. Fulton, KY 42041. Membership may also be paid through bank draft or online payments. Online, you have the option to "auto-enroll" to prevent any gaps in coverage once your membership has expired. If you need assistance paying your membership, please contact us. We would be glad to help!  

Does my KenTenn EMS Membership cover me if I am transported by helicopter? 

No, unfortunately membership does NOT cover flight services. AirEvac commonly services our area if flight transportation is required. AirEvac also offers a membership program, visit their website here

Can I pay membership for someone who cannot afford it? 

Yes, if you wish to cover the costs of membership for someone else, please contact us.

How will services differ if I am not a member? 

You will still receive the same quality service as members, but will be responsible for 100% of costs not covered by insurance. Please understand that without the support of our community, the viability of emergency medical services in the KenTenn area is at risk! 

Can't find the answer you are looking for? 

Feel free to contact us, we would love to connect with you!

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