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Few people plan to need an ambulance, yet numerous times each year, KenTenn EMS responds to provide emergency medical care in life-threating scenarios. With deductibles on the rise, insurance coverage decreasing and the costs of overall healthcare increasing, figuring out how to pay for medical services is a common concern. Even if you are covered by insurance, most plans will not fully cover the costs of ambulance transport and emergency medical services.

When you or someone you love needs lifesaving prehospital care, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to pay for it. While the membership program makes it possible for KenTenn EMS to provide quality care to the communities we serve, it also provides a solution to its members to avoid high out of pocket costs. You may not be able to plan for emergencies; however, becoming a member will allow you to offset the costs of unexpected medical expenses.

It is important for our community to understand that KenTenn EMS will lose money on every call. Just as your insurance coverage has decreased today, the amount your insurance pays Ken Tenn EMS to render critical, life saving aid has also decreased. By becoming a member, you help ensure the continuance of ambulance services in your community. If you are already a member, ask your family, friends & workplace if they are too. The service depends on it!


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Water Meter

Monthly fee assessed to your water bill paid to your local City Hall*.

Bank Draft

Monthly fee drafted from your bank account through ACH payment.

Online Payments

Monthly or annual payments, as well as donations made at


Monthly or annual fees made payable to KenTenn EMS mailed to 105 Nolan Ave. Fulton, KY 42041.

*To enroll in monthly water meter billing, contact your local City Hall:

South Fulton City Hall

700 Milton Counce Dr.

South Fulton, TN 38257

(731) 479-2151

Fulton City Hall

101 Nelson Tripp Pl.

Fulton, KY 42041

(270) 472-1320

Hickman City Hall

1812 7th St.

Hickman, KY 42050

(270) 236-2535

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