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KTEMS Academy Spring 2022 Graduates

Another semester is in the books. This makes the fourth successful semester of training and preparing EMT's for successful careers in EMS. Just like the students, our instructors and staff also learn and grow through each course. We utilize that knowledge and experience to adapt and improve future programs.

Beth Roberts was the lead instructor for both our Basic and Advanced EMT programs this semester. Of the 13 students graduating this Spring, five completed Basic training and eight completed their Advanced training. The majority of our Advanced students returned after completing their Basic training with us back in the Fall!

On June 6th, a Graduation Ceremony was held to honor these students and their successful course completion. There is a lot of hard work that goes into this class beyond the hours spent in the classroom that many fail to realize. It takes a lot of diligence and ambition on the student's behalf to pass this course. Once they pass the course, they are required to complete and pass hands-on (cognitive) and written (psychomotor) testing before obtaining their licensure. All 13 students students passed their cognitive exams the Saturday prior to graduation, and as of the date of this post, five have passed their psychomotor exams on the first attempt! These students are recognized with NREMT/NRAEMT designation.

Check out our graduates from the Spring 2022 EMT Basic program below:

Caleb Hayden, South Fulton Fire Dept., NREMT

Amber Haynes

Christy Holdeman, Obion Co. Fire Dept., NREMT

Jonah Mathews

NOT PICTURED: Jason Pritchett

Up next is our Spring 2022 Advanced EMT Graduates:

Faith Audas, Marshall Co. EMS, NRAEMT

Chris Bradshaw, Priority Ambulance Service, NRAEMT

Chad Conner

Abby Cox, KenTenn EMS

Kristen Smithson-Hershberger

Tyler Whitaker, Marshall Co. EMS, NRAEMT

Michael Reeves, Union City Fire Dept.

NOT PICTURED: Matt Hoffman, Union City Fire Dept.

To give a word of thanks to several individuals and agencies:

Anna Gaskins/Air Evac Lifetime - for helping as an instructor and providing Air Evac trauma shears, penlights and t-shirts to students.

Fulton Independent School System - for letting us utilize Carr Elementary for our cognitive exams last minute after the AC went out at our planned location.

Fancy Fannies Bakery - for catering another delicious graduation meal.

Kenneth Walker, Matt Smith, and Angie Smith - playing patients for our cognitive exams (check out the picture of Matt as our trauma patient below), and to our employee Amy VanValkenburg for doing the moulage.

Julie Barner - Labor & Delivery Nurse who instructed the Pregnancy/OB chapters and taught the students how to deliver babies! (Check out a few of pictures of students during that lesson using our new OB simulator below.)

Our Advanced students - who really stepped up and helped to TEACH skills alongside the Basic students. They learned by doing and were a big help in seeing the Basics through on passing their skills, while working to study and pass their own skills!

As an ambulance service first and foremost, we rely on other agencies for support of the Academy. We couldn't do it without you and your efforts do not go unnoticed! We wish the rest of these students gearing up to take their National Registry Exam the best of luck.

Interested in EMT Training?

If you are interested in enrolling in an EMT Program, be sure to check out our social media and website at Our Fall 2022 EMT Basic application deadline is TODAY! Classes will take place on Monday's and Thursday's from 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM at the Fulton EMS Base. This semester stars at the beginning of August and finishes at the beginning of December. If you have any questions regarding our programs, contact 270-208-1000 or

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